Marketing Manager • Creative Director • Social Influencer
I'm a multifaceted professional with a passion for sales, marketing, design, natural health, and medical freedom advocacy. With a diverse skill set encompassing graphic and web design, B2B/B2C/DTC/MLM sales management, print/digital content creation, and digital community organizing, I bring a unique blend of creativity, clear communication, and advocacy zeal to the table.
Sales and Marketing Expertise
My journey in sales and marketing has equipped me with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and effective promotional strategies. Whether it's developing persuasive sales pitches, crafting engaging marketing campaigns, or analyzing data to optimize performance, I thrive on the dynamic nature of this field. I enjoy facilitating unified team engagement and productivity that continually moves the mission forward.
Graphic & Web Design Mastery
Design isn't just a skill for me; it's a way of thinking. I have honed my skillset in graphic and web design to visually communicate ideas with impact and elegance. From creating captivating visuals for marketing materials to designing user-friendly websites that enhance brand presence, I leverage design principles to captivate audiences and drive results. After all, creativity without strategy is art…creativity with strategy is advertising!
Exceptional Communication Skills
Written and verbal communication are at the core of everything I do. I excel in articulating ideas clearly, whether it's through compelling copywriting, persuasive presentations, or engaging social media content. My ability to connect with diverse audiences on various platforms is a testament to my adaptability and effective communication style.
Digital Community Organizer
In the digital age, community building extends beyond physical boundaries. As a digital community organizer, I leverage online platforms to foster meaningful connections, drive engagement, and mobilize support around important products and causes. I thrive in cultivating inclusive communities where voices are heard and collective action is empowered.
In 2020, I created and developed an exclusive Health Advocacy Discord Community called Bun Intended. I became an unintentional (Bun Intended, lol) social influencer in this endeavor and use my influence to further the case for natural health and health freedom. I’ve assembled a team of volunteers that assist me in this endeavor including an incredible health panel comprised of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, chiropractors, licensed counsellors, massage therapists, pharmacists, functional medicine practitioners, essential oil enthusiasts, and other members of the alternative health community. It’s truly incredible to witness the current healthcare revolution! 
Passionate Content Creator
Content is king, and I am passionate about creating content that informs, inspires, and resonates with audiences. Whether it's writing thought-provoking articles, producing engaging videos, curating compelling social media posts or leveraging AI, I am dedicated to crafting content that drives engagement, sparks conversations, and makes a difference!
Health Freedom Advocacy
As a staunch advocate for health freedom, I am committed to promoting informed choice, medical autonomy, and individual rights. Through education, activism, and community outreach, I strive to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, free from coercion or undue influence.
In all endeavors, I bring a unique blend of creativity, passion, and expertise to the table, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the world. Whether it's driving sales growth, designing captivating visuals, mobilizing communities, or advocating for important causes, I am always eager to take on new challenges and create meaningful change. 
Let's connect and collaborate to bring your vision to life!
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