Graphic Artist • Web Designer • Brand Manager 

I am a marketing professional and graphic designer with over fifteen years experience in sales, marketing, and design. After college, I was brought onboard the management team of Household International Finance Company. During my time at HFC, I was awarded the prestigious Circle Award for Sales Management and was blessed to achieve a national 11th place ranking despite managing a small office in Washington Courthouse, OH. From there, I went on to manage offices in Georgetown and Lexington, KY. 

After leaving Household in 2002, I took my love of marketing to the next level and began the journey into design. I spent the next five years developing my design skills. Since then, I've developed brands for many businesses and organizations including multiple national and international campaigns. 

It is my goal to provide clients with professional marketing and design services that allow them to stand out in today's crowded market. 
Marketing and design are two separate but related disciplines. One should not be present without the other. Creativity without strategy is art but creativity with strategy is advertising. Simply put, advertising is salesmanship in print/digital form.
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